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Forever, Saint-Tropez has been celebrating woman, luxury and glamour.

The “Côte d’Azur” has always played a preponderant role in fashion and accessories.

 All year long, crowded by famous artists and worldly celebrities, the charming French village of Saint Tropez welcome an international clientele who brings “savoir vivre” and new trends. What an amazing source of inspiration! 

It was obvious that INITIALE L’Original found its ideal home and creativity in this very well know, mythic and trendy village in the south of France.

INITIALE L’Original creates especially for you to enjoy, leather handbags and totes, accessories hand made.

Beach totes, wallets, clutches, handbags and more, INITIALE L’Original invites you to create your own look by personalizing your bags and designing YOUR initials with the desire to make your belongings Unique because YOU ARE UNIQUE.

You will create your own monogram by consulting our site. At your convenience, you will choose models, colors and fonts for your letters or numbers, as you wish. Your accessories will be different and unique. It will be part of you, an exception.

From the design to finish, as well as choices of packaging, qualified artists will work with you to create a unique product.

Each step of the realization is under the rigorous attention of our artists in order to deliver you a perfect item.

In one word, INITIALE L’Original combines finesse of craftsmanship and freedom of expression, your creation. It is a unique approach.

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